Vol XVII An Angel on the Rock

Krishna Shastri-Author Krishna Shastri Devulapalli is a cartoonist, children’s illustrator, graphic designer and writer. He has worked in advertising, designed greeting cards, illustrated school textbooks, written film scripts and original stories for children. His first novel, ‘Ice Boys in Bell-bottoms’ (HarperCollins, 2011), is a humorous chronicle of a 1970s Madras childhood. His second novel, ‘Jump Cut’ (HarperCollins, 2013), is a seriocomic thriller set in Chennai with the film industry as its backdrop. At present, he is working on a book of humorous prose, a young adult novel, the sequel to his first book and a play you might see sooner than you think.

Cunning Lingo

The other day, I went to a bar. I do that when my wife ‘loses’ the key to the liquor cabinet and becomes temporarily hearing impaired, which she’s prone to now and again. My companion on these outings is usually my old friend, the redoubtable Ramki Ramakrishnan. A man who’s always there during alcohol emergencies, no questions asked. Not to mention, a man who can be an alcohol emergency if questions are asked. Continue reading


Vol XIV An Angel on the Rock

Oxford, January 2001. I was back after taking care of my father’s funeral and the challenges that accompanied the untimely death of my dad. He was 57. I was back to what was then, for me at least, the land of the unknown. Oxford had an aura strong enough to challenge my confidence. Was I good enough belong to the best university in the world? Had the Rhodes interview board made a mistake by giving me the scholarship? Should I have taken a year off and not rushed it back? Continue reading