Vol XII A City of Books, 9 Poets, Chasing a Cloud, Wild Cats and Honey

By now I ought to like Kilroy mark my attendance at Literary Festivals and Book Fairs with a proclamation: Anita Nair was here.Over the years the festivals and events have blurred into a morass of pointlessness. The essence of which is a single thought: I may write books but what am I doing here? Continue reading


Vol XII An Angel on the Rocks

We sat beneath the tamarind tree, the goat-herd and I.  I had been walking along the track when I came across him tending to his goats. He was thin as a stick, like most villagers in the valley. His knobbly knees were like cricket balls beneath his worn dhoti, pulled up and tied between his legs in the traditional manner. Continue reading

Vol XII Speakeasy

This week The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men features not a poet but a book The HARPERCOLLINS BOOK OF ENGLISH POETRY that perhaps is one of its kind featuring eighty-five Indian poets writing in English. Published By Harper Collins India and put together by Sudeep Sen, this is a landmark in Indian publishing showcasing poetic concerns that are as varied as staggeringly expansive. This is a volume where ‘Indian poets are in full flight’. Continue reading