Vol XII A City of Books, 9 Poets, Chasing a Cloud, Wild Cats and Honey

By now I ought to like Kilroy mark my attendance at Literary Festivals and Book Fairs with a proclamation: Anita Nair was here.Over the years the festivals and events have blurred into a morass of pointlessness. The essence of which is a single thought: I may write books but what am I doing here? Continue reading


Vol XII Speakeasy

This week The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men features not a poet but a book The HARPERCOLLINS BOOK OF ENGLISH POETRY that perhaps is one of its kind featuring eighty-five Indian poets writing in English. Published By Harper Collins India and put together by Sudeep Sen, this is a landmark in Indian publishing showcasing poetic concerns that are as varied as staggeringly expansive. This is a volume where ‘Indian poets are in full flight’. Continue reading