Vol X Speakeasy

This volume’s poet is Tanya Mendonsa. 

Tanya Mendonsa is a poet and a painter who at twenty-one moved to Paris, to paint, major in French literature at the Sorbonne and run a chaotic language school. After nineteen years in Europe, she returned to live in India, with the abstract painter Antonio E Costa. They moved from Bangalore to Goa and now live in the Nilgiri hills in South India with their dogs. Continue reading


Vol X Koshys, Pictures of Paris, Kings and Queens, and A Picnic in Kabul

There is something to cafes that make me think of it as the gangly, loose limbed cousin of a restaurant. Someone who is all style rather than chic; someone who never did the right things but made just as good without the stars, grades or official recognitions. Someone you can count on any time of the day to be there….and won’t turn his nose down at you if you prefer to shred your lettuce rather than eat it. Continue reading