Vol VIII An Angel on the Rock

The ravens are a totally mismatched couple. They sit above my head on the top most branch of the magnolia tree and quarrel in soft tones all day long. Their glossy black heads nod and their sharp eyes gleam with malice and sudden sparks of passion like all couples who love a good fight with their beloved. Continue reading


Vol VIII Supercall

Vijay Nair is the author of Let Her Rest Now (fiction, Hachette India, 2012), The Boss is Not your Friend (non-fiction, Hachette India, 2011), Master of Life Skills (fiction, Harper Collins India, 2006) and The Gloomy Rabbit and other plays (Drone Quill, 2003). His essays have been included in international anthologies. A recipient of the Fulbright Senior Research Grant and the British Council Charles Wallace Award, he was also awarded an US State Department Grant to attend the International Writers’ Program at the University of Iowa. Continue reading