Vol III Happy Ending

It was almost half past ten before Miss Pilchester fell bodily out of the taxi she had hired in desperation, four hours late, to bring her to the meadow. Continue reading


Vol III An Angel on the Rocks

Passing by a confusingly congested market in the heart of old Delhi, a sudden unexpected and pleasurably familiar waft of its delicate scent carried my senses off to an imaginary heaven. For a fraction of a second I was, what Kishore Kumar sang ‘bheed ke beech akela’. It was just the fragrance of it that did it for me and I had to trace its roots, for when it arrives in ones thoughts, cravings for it spring up multifold, all involuntary! Continue reading

Vol III Pick-me-up


I was browsing at an old bookshop. That morning I had breakfast with a woman, who it seemed to me, was a congenital liar. The untruths had left me baffled because there was no need for her to speak them. They had been spoken either for effect or as a natural need to embroider a tale. Lies were top of my mind when I spotted The Patron Saint of Liars. I reached for it. I read the first line and I fell in love. Continue reading

Vol III Supercall

Kiran Khalap is someone who is in persistent (but not pathological) pursuit of creativity (“To create is to unite” Teilhard de Chardin) at body, mind and spirit levels, leading to exploration of teaching in an experimental school inspired by J Krishnamurti, yoga, meditation, travel writing, feature writing, poetry in Marathi, rock climbing, creativity workshops, mind-body workshops, brand creation and of course, literary fiction. Continue reading