Vol XV Speakeasy

This week The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men features Kunal Mukherjee.
KM_69Originally from West Bengal, he is a San Francisco-based poet and writer. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics, has done postgraduate work in Energy Studies and has worked as a restaurateur and an IT manager. His passions include acting, music, travel, the environment and animals.

Kunal’s work has appeared in India Currents, Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories and Poems and Hot Flashes 2. My Magical Palace is his first novel and he is currently working on his second novel.
Connect with Kunal at http://www.kunalmukherjee.com to read about his creative works.

Breakfast at Boogaloos

A steaming cup of coffee
acrid and bitter
burns the last
wisps of my hangover
from the caverns
in my head.

I sit
at my table
waiting for my eggs and toast.
My back straightens
As coffee lashes my spine.
Neurons fire.
Caffeine drains
the bags from under my eyes.

You sit
so close,
I can smell
the musk of your skin,
taste the salt of your lips
and softly brush
last night’s dreams
from your eyelids
with my lashes.

If I stuck out my tongue
surely it would trace
the outline of your stubble,
taste the sweat coating
each hair
burnished bronze
in the shaft of sunlight
streaming in from the window.

I stab my eggs
with my fork.
Yellow yolk
Bleeds onto my toast.
For a moment we look
at each other –
and I.

My face feels hot.
Startled I drop the fork.
The diner stops still.
Flashing steel
turning slowly
in the sunlight
scatters the dust motes.

I am deafened
By my heart beat.


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