Vol XIV Speakesy

This week The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men features Vijay Nambisan, the well-known poet and writer. vijayHe has worked and written for journals in many parts of India. His published work includes poetry, a journalistic book, Bihar Is in the Eye of the Beholder and a translation Two Measures of Bhakthi  featured in Vol VIII of The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men.

You, Wystan Auden

Now six feet beneath the air
The Nordic shape of skull is bare
And behind the august frown
Worms have gorged on verb and noun…

The baffling lines that used to trace
Maps of care upon his face
Now nothing between brow and chin
But maggots have tunnelled in…

And the hands whose fingers’ ends
Once touched the keys to common sense
And the truly careless wrist
Which cherubs have often kissed

Now open lie without pretence
That they enclose arguments
To shatter prison doors, or shake
The steps of wisdom on the make…

The compassionate eyes that hate
Could not face, and grew desperate
Now bony voids where worlds once turned
In agony at being burned…

The heart that could some pity find
For every shape of human fiend
Now less than dust, because from thence
No spring of friendship does commence…

Of all those works of lust and pain
No mortal fragment can remain
And all that foolishness is past…

Yet the world remains so vast

And in that vastness since we speak
Strong words of love, though we are weak
He cannot know — something survives
The carrion bleaching of our lives.


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