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Krishna Udayasankar is the author of Govinda: Book 1 of The Aryavarta Chronicles, published by Hachette India.

A graduate of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, Krishna also holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where she presently works as a Lecturer.

Krishna is currently working on the second and third books of The Aryavarta Chronicles and a collection of prose-poems entitled Objects of Affection.

A resident of sunny Singapore, when she’s not busy writing and teaching, Krishna loves to watch Rajinikanth movies first-day, first-show, complete with applause and whistles, and to go on long drives with her husband, Jai, and two Siberian Huskies, Boozo and Zana.

• Soaring into heaven moment:

Many, many such, when I am writing.

Some are epiphanies, particularly when I find that research corroborates my plot-based construction of what I think may have happened, or even opens new doors altogether. Others are sheer moments of pleasure in the craft, like when I manage to write what I see as an intriguing scene.

Could be even simpler though, like the joy of a particularly (In my not-so-humble opinion) well-constructed sentence. Most often though, it’s that peaceful sense of just being in the story-world.

• That infernal fire time:

There’s just one?

For me, each of the many (inevitable) periods of waiting involved turned out to be difficult, sometimes even excruciating. But perhaps that says more about my patience, or lack thereof, than it does the publishing process. But between the manuscript submission and the offer, the editing pauses, the time between typesetting and proofreading and the final OK and the actual ‘sent-to-press-now-get-a-life’ moment, I have been a pain to others, even in my own, narcissistic opinion.

• The purgatory point:

Wondering, more than once, whether I have done right by my characters – some of them epic men and women in their own ways. All I can do when that self-doubt hits is to take deep breaths and remind myself that the story is much larger that I am.

• …….years, …….drafts and ……….words thereafter, would you do this differently and again?

Probably not, though I am tempted for a moment…. No, definitely not. This is a journey, and while I’ve loved every moment of it, the next adventure, the next book beckons.

• What does Krishna Udayasankar the writer

Fear the most?

False modesty. I fear I will fall into the trap as I try to stay grounded, but end up feeling far too proud of being that way.

I also fear that when the times comes, I will lack the strength to let go of that which must be let go of – Including the ability to dream and to write. To not be able to write would be bad, but not being able to let go of it would be even worse.

Desire the most?

Answers. Come to think of it, questions too.

But that’s at another level. Frankly, I have all that I could ask for – a loving family and the gift of words. There’s little more I could want.

But every now and then the harsh reality of what wrong in the world conflicts with the defensive claim that all is illusory till the debate consumes me with a vengeance, and brings with it the rather excruciating need for answers… Sometimes I make my peace with it, at other times I laugh at how pompous I sound.

Either way, it ends with a lot of doggie fur, satisfied woofs and tummy rubs. And when, ultimately, I get rewarded with canine-kisses I know I can honestly say: No desires at all.

Hate the most?

There are certainly things I dislike, but few that I hate -the following being an exception: People who abandon, abuse or neglect dogs (any animal companion, for that matter). Frankly, such people both scare and disgust me. But that’s a personal thing.

As a writer, I hate helplessness – particularly my own. I associate it with failure as a socially-responsible being.



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