Vol VI Happy Ending


Someone asked a few days ago ─ I think it was Dona Nair Carvalho, for she likes to serve only the best ─ what to offer a special guest, one with a snobbish palate, highly demanding, in a word, an artist who wanted delicacies, unusual tidbits, nothing verging on the commonplace.
I would recommend to her that she serve stewed turtle, and here follows the recipe given to me by the teacher of sauces and seasoning, Dona Carmen Dias, a receipt that has been kept secret until now.

But if your guest wants even finer and more unusual game, if he is looking for the ne plus ultra, the last word, the pleasure of the gods, then why not serve him up a young and pretty widow, cooked in her tears of suffering and loneliness, in the sauce of her modesty and mourning, in the moans of her deprivation, in the fire of her forbidden desire, which gives her the flavor of guilt and sin?
Ah, I know of such a widow, of chile and honey, cooking over a slow fire every night, just ready to be served.

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado


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